Alfred Simon Michael Robert Mann, known popularly as ASMЯ Mann

, is an aspiring superhero whose main goal is helping those in danger or distress, primarily by helping them relax and fall asleep. Mann's name is derived from the first names of each of his five fathers, which he has abbreviated to keep his introductions succinct.

Interestingly, Mann shares his first four initials and two of his first names with Andy Steve Michael Roberts, the vaguely Southern, car-situated man responsible for explaining the Great ER Closing Mishap of 2013. It's unclear if these two men are at all related beyond this.


ASMЯ Mann appears sporting a trash bag cape, elbow pads, bicycle helmet (for safety), swim goggles, snorkel, and self-labeled t-shirt, all as part of his iconic superhero outfit. However, it seems he doesn't keep the goggles and snorkel on for very long at a time as they make it hard for him to speak.




  • ASMЯ Mann mistakes both seaweed and potatoes for fruits.
  • Mann referring to the viewer as a camera and microphone is an occurence of Ephemeral Rift breaking the fourth wall.

Inside ReferencesEdit

  • ASMЯ Mann first suspects Professor Clemmons as being responsible for the viewer showing up unexpectedly in his basement, sitting against the wall and (supposedly) bleeding out on the floor. His second guess is Margaret.
  • "Potato relaxation" is later demonstrated in an ASMR Tutorial posted by ER a day after the debut of ASMЯ Mann.
  • In episode one of The Peculiar Plastic Pouch Predicament, the viewer "tells" ER that ASMЯ Mann is a villain.
  • The Curator of Arkham Lost and Found reveals that Andy had become a vigilante and disappeared. 

Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • ASMЯ Mann's "utility belt" is an Angry Birds children's backpack.
  • The characters on his lunch box are from the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Mann's video game controller is a Dual Shock 3 for the PS3.

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