"If I had it my way, I would have embraced you already, but us Sabbats, we have a civilized way of doing things." -The Sabbat Vampire
The Sabbat Vampire is ranked Lieutenant in his clan. He acquires blood by stalking and ultimately kidnapping individuals or even whole families. Claiming to be a cultured vampire, The Sabbat makes use of a complex apparatus of tubes and siphons to feed on the blood of those he captures.


The Sabbat Vampire wears a plain white T-shirt, and dons white face paint with a singular black bar which stretches from ear to ear; he says it was painted on by a war boy(reference from Mad Max: Fury Road). He has classic Vampire fangs which are seen protruding from a toothy grin he persistently maintains.


Like most Vampires, the Sabbat Vampire is sadistic in nature. He plays mind games with victims, alluding to their impending demise, all while trying to lure them to join his Clan. He frequently brandishes a machete to tap his nails on.



  • In "Evening with a Vampire", The Sabbat Vampire mentions Corvus Clemmons as the reason he can still use his lungs, but does not explain how or why he became involved with the Plague Doctor in the first place.