Not to be confused with Bag Man.

Bag Thing is an aptly-named non-human character that exists for the purpose of inducing ASMR. Bag Thing induces ASMR through surreal imagery and continuous crinkles or clicks. Its origin is unclear.

Personality Edit

Bag Thing is non-verbal. Bag Thing does not make any harsh movements, it appears to be interested in not hurting anyone. Sometimes Bag Thing doesn't feel like crinkling but resorts to clicking instead.


Bag Thing appears to have no clearly defined shape or substance and can expand or contract at will to fill the space of a large trash bag. Its only interaction with the viewer is a series of slow, crinkly movements and seems to communicate through gentle clicking sounds. Bag Thing although in the appearance of a large trash bag has enough mass to fully keep itself grounded on a chair. It is unknown whether or not Bag Thing has a more sophisticated inside.