Brother - A Medicine Man is the name of the shamanistic healer who approaches the viewer who wakes from a nap in the woods. This shaman uses various ASMR techniques to help those on their journey by providing healing, cleansing, strength and relaxation of mind, body and spirit.


Brother - A Medicine Man wears black and white face paint along with silky black robes. He carries a leather bag which carries his supplies. He belongs to a Native American Tribe and speaks their language along with the language of the common man. He alternates between prayers in his native language and the common language frequently. Despite his appearance he says he is very old.


Brother - A Medicine Man is a forest wanderer who sticks to a general area. He seeks out strangers or the wounded to provide aide. He is interested in assisting those who want his help. The Medicine Man true to his name can produce many salves and rituals to assist those on their journey. Upon meeting the Medicine Man he will do a Vulcan Salute.

He is adept at finding herbs in the surrounding forests for his rituals and displays attunement to nature.



  • He can play the Native American Flute and carries one with him.

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