Rift World is the multiverse in which most of the videos on the Ephemeral Rift Youtube Channel are based in.

How it worksEdit

A Multiverse is a set of finite or possibly infinite universes. Characters often refer to this as "The Rift". The Rift is often described as a portal to another time period or as a portal to an alternate reality. It appears to be dependent upon who uses the Rift and how. Multiverses allow for infinite universes and therefore infinite possibilities. This means that one character could completely contradict a fact from another video and both be true. While it is not known if all of the timelines in the Multiverse are aware of the Rift, it is generally assumed that the videos depict similar timelines given the continuity of most of the videos.

For example in The Secret Agent Professor Clemmons is described as a madman who caused a thousand year war. Whereas in Patient 42 Professor Clemmons states he wants to call the Tinfoil Hat Society to ask about the state of the Rift. These two people shouldn't be acquaintances and yet it makes sense in both contexts.

Despite this, Ephemeral Rift tends to keep the story somewhat linear in that there aren't gross contradictions that serve only to confuse.

The Story So FarEdit

In the Rift World, all is not as it seems, light is shed upon the still mysterious world by the dialogue of its many inhabitants through our various interactions with them. The Clemmons Family works at The Factility conducting ASMR tests/treatments on subjects, preparing them for harvesting. In the distant future there is a zombie apocalypse likely caused by an Old God and the undead wage war with the survivors for thousands of years.

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