Charlee Baggs is an anthropomorphic bag that can speak; he does so in a whispering voice. In his debut he describes how he got the pencil through his right eye. He says a person by the name of Professor Clemmons did this.

In later videos the pencil is gone, Charlee says it was removed by an underground surgeon for $50.

Currently Charlee's whereabouts are unknown. He was last seen with another Bag named Jimmy where Jimmy stood over him with scissors.

Appearance Edit

Charlee Baggs is a living embodiment of a standard paper bag. He is an upside down paper bag with paper eyes on the direct bottom of the bag and a mouth cut out in the crease. During most of his appearances he has a pencil sticking out of his right eye. Baggs describes how this was done by Professor Clemmons.

Personality Edit

Charlee Baggs when we meet him is a individual who was struck by tragedy and tells us about his eye condition. At the end of his debut video he appears to be kidnapped by the viewer; the viewer appears to be Professor Clemmons. Next we see him he is a forgetful individual steeped in substance abuse. He is no longer able to recall his past and is quite crass with how he acts.

Later he goes back to being a caring individual. It is difficult to be precise about the type of thing Bagg's is.



  • Charlee Bagg's debut video sets up much of the beginnings to the history of Professor Clemmons. It appears to be set in a time and place when Clemmons is initially starting his ASMR research and is still at Miskatonic University. It gives insight into how Clemmons procures his subjects and the methods he was using.

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