Charlie (Carl) is a character who wishes to bring the tingles of carpet scratching to a larger audience. Despite his parents not approving of his carpet scratching predilections, he perseveres and has made several videos on the Ephemeral Rift channel. His mother is the infamous Margaret, and his father is Professor Clemmons himself, director of the new SCP Foundation.

In his second video he describes other Rift characters like Iggy Manley, Professor Clemmons and Margaret, mocking them with action figures.

On April 11, 2015, Charlie (Carl) was announced missing by the Batman. In a public

call to action, the ASMR knight appealed to YouTube, asking citizens to aid in his search and providing viewers with Charlie (Carl)'s last known whereabouts and the location of his residence in Arkham, MA. The ASMR community at large banded together with several ASMRtists creating their own videos documenting the search. Charlie (Carl) was not seen until October 2 of the same year, when he appeared in Carpet Scratching with Carlie (Carl) #3. While he does not explain where he was for the last six months, it is inferred that he was at Arkham Sanitarium, under the careful treatment of his apparent father Professor Clemmons.

Appearance Edit

Charlie (Carl) stays close to the floor for his carpet scratching routines. He is best recognized by his signature glasses, and wears his facial hair in a goatee.

Personality Edit

Charlie (Carl) claims to be 48. However, he appears to be rather eccentric for his age or is developmentally delayed, potentially damaged from his time at Arkham Sanitarium.

Able to produce electric sounds from his vocal chords, he enjoys simpler things in life. He loves carpets and likes to play with action figures. He once expressed his own confusion as to whether his name is Charlie or Carl. This difficulty with names extends to other people; while guessing one's name he typically defaults to Mercedes, Juliet, or other names that are generally out of use.

Filmography Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His video editing skills are top notch
  • In the Batman's call to action video Batman tells us that Charlie (Carl)'s father is Professor Clemmons.
  • In "The Sunday Delivery" featuring ASMRtist Phoenician Sailor, two friends are in possession of Charlie (Carl)'s skull. It is unknown when or where this takes place in the Rift world canon.