Danny responds to Erwin

Danny is a man who is in the mind of a young teenager. He is always upset with another Youtuber named "Erwin", making fun of his videos to get back at him.


Danny likes to ride bikes, in particular ones meant for children. He plays it safe and wears a helmet all the time. Danny dresses in clothing that gives off a wave of cluelessness about fashion.

Personality Edit

Danny although in the physical shape and height of an adult male acts very much like a pubescent boy. He is pre-occupied with responding to every attack or slight and does so by responding back in an equally silly way. He has a voice inflection that suggests he has a sinus problem.



  • Some people have criticized both Erwin and Danny for making fun of the mentally handicapped. Both have responded stating they're supposed to be "weirdos" rather than mentally handicapped.

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