Dr. Groot in his first video

|name = Dr. Groot|occupation = doctor|species = flora colossus

Dr. Groot is a character created by Ephemeral Rift for the purposes of inducing ASMR. He is a part of the Clemmons, Clemmons, Walker, Groot medical practice. He also works for Professor Clemmons at the Arkham Sanitarium.


Dr. Groot is a flora colossus, a tree-like sentient being. His skin is similar to that of bark off a tree. Dr. Groot has human arms, because he is a tree-human hybrid. He came to have human arms after a few near-fatal incidents where he lost his original arms. Professor Clemmons assisted Groot and transplanted new arms that he grew in his laboratory onto his body.


Dr. Groot is a rigid individual. He varies between a soft spoken voice and a very deep one. He explains that this is because as his species matures their larynx hardens and becomes stiff. This either leaves them without the ability to speak or have a very deep voice.He seems to be a very free loving and kind hearted Dr. due to his care for his patients.

Dr. Groot is a doctor and tries to help people in the study of ASMR. He does his rather differently as his patients are always standing.



  • Dr. Groot is capable of speaking fluent English as well as his unknown native language.
  • Dr. Groot's creation was inspired by a character of the same name from Marvel's Comics and Movies.