Green Man and the ASMR Box 'O Tingles

Green Man and the ASMR Box 'O Tingles

Green Man is one of the earlier characters created by Ephemeral Rift, who sports a green morphsuit and various articles of clothing that change with each appearace.


Greenman wears a green morphsuit to define the fact that he is green. Greenman is always in the morphsuit however accessories change depending on the video. In one he is seen with a tie on and a hat. In the video link he's wearing a yellow fire hat.


Green Man's actions during his random visits with him include rummaging through a cardboard box of ASMR-Inducing objects, teaching you how to tie a tie, and attempting to remove a plastic bag from your head. He also performs slightly goofy acts when getting sidetracked, like striking poses for you to mimic as he takes photos.

Although Green Man has many ASMR tools at his disposal, he does not seem to be aware of them and appears to give up after doing whatever is akin to his corresponding appearance. The only cross-references known to allude to him is in Part 3 of the Peculiar Plastic Pouch Predicament when Professor Clemmons inquires as to whom you have seen prior to visiting him, and Chris Crinkle's House of Tingles #2, when Chris inquires the same thing.



The Green Man was one of Professer Clemmons' experiments gone wrong. No one knows who he was before he turned green.