The Soporific Lampshade shows the viewer its uncanny hands

The Soporific Lampshade, more commonly known as simply "Lampshade" is a character created by Ephemeral Rift. The Lampshade itself was originally a bare, canvas shade, but was then painted and marked on by Ephemeral Rift. Several such marks include Buddhist symbols, a lotus and the Illuminati. He also appears to have a fascination with marshmallows, found within one of the videos he stars in, where marshmallows are referenced to and physically present throughout the video.


Lampshade has changed overtime from a bare canvas to being marked up with various symbols. These include buddhist symbols, a lotus, illuminati symbols, etc. Sometimes the lampshade is not on the head of anyone but on its own as depicted in Visiting Hours with Professor Clemmons. In The Interrogation "Dark Corvus" describes Lampshade as the "Talisman of the shadow man". Dark Corvus alludes to the fact that once the Shadow Talisman is placed on someones head they will not see the world again.

Outside of the Lampshade itself is an average weight male. Usually dressed in a dress shirt/pants with a tie. One time he is seen wearing a suit.


Lampshade rarely speaks. In the first few videos Lampshade is depicted as a blank canvas that is sitting atop a mans head. When lampshade does speak he speaks slowly and with a calm demeanor. He lacks the ability to use many standard objects to induce ASMR and instead improvises with his own lampshade. This shows some ingenuity.



  • In one video, the Lampshade is shown to have green hands. The Lampshade uses faded whispers as a form of ASMR.