Ephemeral Rift endeavors to create a wide variety of content; he has created many diverse video series since his channel's inception in 2011.

List of seriesEdit

  1. ASMR Beer & Wine Reviews
  2. Experimental ASMR
  3. The Candy Man
  4. Letters from the Apocalypse
  5. TMT-Two Minute Tingles
  6. Rift World
  7. Traditional ASMR
  8. Professor Clemmons-Implements of Relaxation
  9. Dr. Corvus D. Clemmons ASMR Plague Doctor
  10. Margaret Clemmons Relaxing ASMR Videos
  11. ASMR Relaxing Let's Plays
  12. The Curious Case of the Couch Companion
  13. Tin Foil Hat Society
  14. Mordecai and the Tingle Mart [ ASMR Fallout Fanfiction ]
  15. The Repairman
  16. GoPro Videos
  17. ASMR Batman
  18. Relaxing Nature Sounds and Scenes
  19. The Peculiar Plastic Pouch Predicament
  20. Mordecai and the Tingle Mart [ ASMR Fallout Fanfiction ]

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