Margaret Clemmons is the sister, wife, and assistant of Professor Clemmons. When she speaks, she often clicks her tongue. She has a few videos of her own and can be heard in those of the Professor.



In Margaret's videos, we often find ourselves in what seems to be a closet of some sort. Margaret opens the closet from the outside and talks to us. In A Visit with Margaret for ASMR, Relaxation and Sleep, we hear the professor leaving and instructing her not to "play" with the subjects. She does anyway, introducing us to her potato friend. 

Margaret seems to think of us as some kind of pet, and doesn't seem to realize that we may find her relish for violent behavior perturbing. In A Special Christmas Message from Margaret , she gleefully unwraps a roll of duct tape and a large knife, calling it "her prized possession." She declares her intent to use them on the intruder who attempted to retrieve the body of Charlie Baggs (seen in the video 459 ).  

In the Induction it's stated that Margaret is kind and carefree, then immediately it's said to be "A shame what happened to the professor's wife. Good thing that he was able to reanimate her a few times."  

Appearance Edit

She wears a red wig and a distinctive mask to hide her facial disfigurement. She also often wears a pair of regular white gloves or duct tape gloves.

Personality Edit

Margaret shows signs of psychopathic tendencies. She sees people as toys and gets great joy out of toying with them. In the "Visiting Hours 3" video, she tapes syringes to her right glove.

Filmography Edit

Margaret and precious

Margaret and her Precious


It is revealed by the Curator of the Arkham Lost and Found that Margaret's body was found mutilated in the Himalayan Mountains after an expedition with the Professor. What happened remains a mystery, as the Professor now resides in a mental institution.

In "Relax with Margaret #5 - The Scalp Massage", Margaret says that traveling across the Rift may bring "unforeseen consequences", a reference to the G-Man from Half-Life

In Margaret's most recent video she is running a "relaxing salon" inside of Arkham Sanitarium. Her salon offers such services as lobotomies, full body modification, and nail filing.