Mr. Piggs

A mysterious hand caressing Mr. Piggs

Mr. Piggs is a piggy bank that induces relaxation. Even though it is inanimate, Mr. Piggs is accompanied by a pair of hands that tap and rub this piggy bank.


Mr. Piggs is a standard piggy bank. It appears to be ceramic rather than plastic and is pinkish in color. Along the sides and back there are spotted yellow dots. On the top behind the ears a few inches is a coin slot. It is unclear where the coin removal part is.


Mr. Piggs rarely speaks. In the one time that he does he has a deep oink. He appears to be somewhat camera shy. Mr. Piggs dislikes having his nose tapped.



  • The last video of Mr. Piggs' was recorded using a phone and as a result the sound cuts out 11 minutes in. Rift gave an "Oops" to that.

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