Rhino Sowande

White Rhino Sowande is a shaman healer in a forest in a land called 'The Forsaken Land'. He is devoted to kindness, forgiveness and compassion, even for his people's greatest enemies. He leads a temple/sanctuary in his land.


Rhino Sowande is a part of a sentient rhino species, and apparently the last of his kind. According to his anecdotes, there are other animals in the Forsaken Land who are similarly sentient. It is unclear if Sowande is capable of walking upright or on four legs. He possesses a large horn in front and has 3 fingers on his hands. He is capable with some struggling to use many items in his possession.


Sowande is a compassionate person. He tells much about his peoples struggle to survive in the face of human onslaught for their horns. Despite this he still helps out travelers who get lost near his sanctuary. He states openly that if Queen Imara found out about this that she would have his head. Regardless, Sowande is quick to lend aid and tries to help.

Sowande is quite curious, he asks the viewer more than once why they were found passed out at the forests edge. He describes his frustration with his Queen, and the upcoming war. He doesn't seem to be interested in war, even going so far as to help the people who are hunting him by aiding their wounded.



  • Whether it's part of the character or not, Sowande incorporates Reiki into his technique with frequent rapid exhales. These in Reiki are meant to release energy from one body to another.