Sammich Man

The Sammich Man, explaining how to make the perfect sandwich.

The Sammich Man is very passionate about sammiches, so much so that he's broken it down to a science. He even goes so far as to drive long distances to bring the sammich science to others.

Appearance Edit

The Sammich Man is dressed in a black leather jacket ontop of a white collared shirt.

Personality Edit

The Sammich Man doesn't like to waste time. If you're not as serious as he is about sammichs he'll leave and go preach to others about the nature of your inner sammich. He is very philosophical about the art of sammichs. He believes every individual has their own inner sammich and works tirelessly to discover it.

Filmography Edit


  • The precursor to The Peculiar Pouch Predicament series is the Sammich Mans "How to make a Sammich" video.
  • In part 16 of the PPPP, The Sammich Man blames the viewer for not being able to follow the sammich making instructions and thus getting a bag on their head.