Satan works his magic for a small price.

Satan, Prince of Darkness is a supernatural manifestation of malevolence and temptation, and commonly encountered figure in Abrahamic religions. Portrayed by Ephemeral Rift as a pragmatic and composed character who deals in souls and sins, he addresses the viewer from an indistinct location he refers to as his "sanctuary," which may or may not be a plane of Hell.

Satan is willing to oblige the viewer in helping them de-stress and relax through the induction of ASMR, or Autonomous Satanic Meridian Response by participating in ear-to-ear whispering, pineapple manipulation, crinkling bubble wrap, faint glossolalia, candle-lighting, heavy metal tapping, nut sack scratching, and more - all just for the price of a soul.

When left to his thoughts, the Prince of Darkness lets on a more reflective attitude; He will repeatedly muse about the follies of humans with their material pursuits, and his disagreements with The Guy Upstairs.

Appearance Edit

Satan is a shape-shifter and as a result takes on the form most similar to the one the individual he's with knows. He doesn't fully shape-shift given his distinctive red shirt and curly horns.

Personality Edit

Satan is a meddlesome fellow. He is a natural salesman, it doesn't take long to convince someone to part ways with their soul. Despite being a natural salesman, he is quick to follow through on his promises. Satan appears to enjoy his work bringing ASMR to those whose souls have been contractually given to him upon thei natural death. He doesn't dwell too much on what happens when you die but rather keeps the person in the moment.

Filmography Edit


  • "Genghis Khan loves bubble wrap."
  • "You humans never fail to slink back down a couple rungs on that evolutionary ladder. All your advances in medicine, science, exploring space, all your good will - just when you think you've got it all together - you revert and devolve into the animals that you are."
  • "Now, I know what you're wondering: 'Satan, why do you need matches to light a candle?' Well, I do enjoy the sounds..."
  • "Just like a good neighbor, Satan is there."