"The Card Trader is my name, and trading in cards is my Modus Operandi"
-The Card Trader

The Card Trader preparing to deal Pokemon cards

The Card Trader is a character who deals in collectible trading cards, trading his cards for other cards of the same type.

Appearance Edit

The Card Trader dresses in a black leather jacket over a sweatshirt with a hood.

Personality Edit

The Card Trader speaks in a hushed, quiet whisper. He acts in a suspicious, shady manner, sitting in a dark room very close to the viewer. He does not ask questions about where his patron's cards were acquired, nor he does divulge any information about his own methods.

He trades in Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering, and likely others.

The Card Trader does not sell his cards for money, and he indicates that he uses his acquired cards to play the game himself.

When trading in Pokemon cards, he will trade his cards for cards of the same type; a basic for a basic, an ex for an ex, a mega for a mega, although he is easier on trainer and supporter cards. He does not trade in sets, and does not care about energy type or cost, although he prefers to trade dual types for dual types.

He is not shown to refuse any deals, although he does consider every trade before making it.

Filmography Edit