The Collector

The Collector is a business man specializing in retrieving items for his benefactors. He is sent to find individuals that haven't yet come back from their assignments and to procure off them said items.

Appearance Edit

The Collector wears a full suit with a tie and sunglasses. He wears white silk gloves similar to Corvus' and carries a briefcase. The briefcase is padded on the inside and has a number pad lock on the front.

Personality Edit

The Collector speaks slowly, often a few words at a time. He is a reserved, respectable and courteous. He has a devious personification to him in that despite his modest role as a collector he works for dubious individuals. He is one of many in an organization whose name is not known nor their goal. There is very little known about the man himself and yet he tells quite a bit about others in the world.



  • The Collector states that the rifts began with the PPPP. He doesn't appear to be at all alarmed by this and welcomes it.

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