The Couch Companion is a viewer character that appears in the 'The Curious Case of the Couch Companion'-series. It is unknown whether this character has appeared in any other series or videos, but considering the fact that The Plague Doctor did not recognise them when they met, it's safe to assume that the Couch Companion is a different viewer character from the one that appears in most of the videos. It appears that it has some sort of superstrange mental disease that makes him obsessed with staying under the couch, as Professor Clemmons and Groot suggest in their check-ups. However, in 'The Curious Case of the Couch Companion' series, the Plague Doctor doesn't mention it to him, and it is most probably because the disease can get worse if the subject gets more anxious or depressed.


The Couch Companion suffers from social anxiety, and has thus taken residence under the couch of Ephemeral Rift's residence. Throughout the series, they befriend him.



  • The Plague Doctor visits the companion several times, so he must know where Ephemeral Rift lives. This is curious, because that could mean that the Plague Doctor existed before the Great War or Ephemeral Rift survived the previously mentioned war.