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The Curator holding a replica of a deceased Charlee Baggs

The Curator operates the Arkham Lost & Found. He enjoys showing people what he has acquired. He is suspected to possibly be something non-human, as is referenced in slip-ups in his speech when he refers to humanity and the viewer's species as separate from that of his own.

He may work for a shady organization, as he is shown to be worried about whether or not the visitor to his shop is onto him and his benefactors.


The Curator wears a necklace and a sweater. He has no distinguishing features. He carries with him a 1" brush to clean off artifacts and other relics.


The Curator is a collector of sorts. He has a wide array of merchandise that is both for sale and not for sale. He is interested in explaining in detail what the items are and where they came from. Despite this he does hold back explanations on quite a few items particularly of those who have disappeared recently. The Curator is not part of any museum though he does have contacts within the Arkham Museum.



  • The Curator tells us about a Plastic Pouch Virus, this doesn't come up as being a real thing in any of the PPPP videos.

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