The Forest Monk

The Monk's physical body transcends reflection of the natural light around him.

The Forest Monk is a softspoken practitioner of spiritual guidance who is called to help the viewer along a path of peace and enlightenment. His esoteric ritual consists of prayers, rubbing stones, glossolalia, and various hand gestures, all of which are techniques performed for meditation and healing. Depending on the video watched, he is either seen as a vision in a dream or encountered awake and in person.


The Forest Monk appears in the archetypal monk fashion, dressed in only a plain cloth robe and having a shaven head and face. He seems to be kneeling or sitting down in the water with the viewer.

Personality Edit

The Forest Monk is a helpful person who acts as a messenger along a persons path in their missions. He soothes a persons soul and gives them strength in their journey ahead. He is quiet and speaks modestly, concentrating on the task at hand.



  • The Forest Monk's character is filmed entirely in front of a green screen, with footage of the actual forest projected behind him. This is especially noticeable around 15:00 when a "hole" appears in his paintbrush.
  • The Monk's robe is actually a purple plush blanket.
  • A mysterious woman sends people to The Forest Monk.