The Joker is a criminal maniac based on the Batman Universe. He is interested in showing his cell mates different sounds caused by items around him.

Appearance Edit

The Joker wears make-up covering his face and lips. White on his face, red on his lips and cheeks and green in his eye brows, hair, and beard. He loves to show his yellow toothy smile at every chance. He wears an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

Personality Edit

The Joker is a flamboyant person. He makes exaggerated movements and is quick to grin. He fully admits his criminal status but wishes people would get to know him to see who he really is. After getting what he wants that facade quickly drops. He readily admits he stretched the truth just a tiny bit to get what he wants.

Filmography Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the debut video the viewer frees The Joker, the person who sent the viewer is acquaintances of The Joker but not revealed.
  • The Joker is held in the Arkham Asylum
  • The Joker possesses Charlie (Carl)'s glasses, saying they were a gift.