ER addresses the viewer through the layer of plastic.

The Peculiar Plastic Pouch Predicament is an ongoing scenario spanning several videos and encounters with new and recurring characters in the Ephemeral Rift fiction. The story line centers on the viewer having inadvertently caused a clear plastic bag to fuse to their skull while preparing a sammich, and seeking out the help of various other people to find someone who can correct their situation.

The pathogen responsible is called the PP virus.

This series is intended as a precursor to the Plague Doctor's introduction, as it's possible he is the only person capable of removing the pouch. The plot has not yet reached its conclusion.


The Green Man gives the pouch a quick wipe-down.

Apart from the Doctor himself, the viewer has sought the help of the Green Man, Professor Clemmons, the Tinfoil Hat Society, Chris Crinkle, Batman, The Whisperer of Arkham, The Collector, Santa's Helper, and Charlee Baggs. None have been successful in removing the plastic bag (with the exception of Chris, although this seems to go unnoticed), but they have all more or less helped the viewer in relaxing and relieving stress.

The viewer finally encounters the Plague Doctor face-to-face in Part 12 as a volunteer Santa's helper. While he's not able to cure the viewer quite yet, he does mention a procedure of his which might work.

As observed by a few of the characters mentioned above, the pouch covers a good portion of the viewer's head but not enough that they have trouble breathing or hearing. The plastic runs all around the head and face, fused along the cheekbone and above the nose and mouth, as well as down the jawbone.


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