The Phantom

The Phantom is based of the character of the same name from The Phantom of the Opera.


The Phantom wears a half mask that has alot of cracks through it. We can see his eye, nose and occasional one hand but the rest is covered in darkness. The Phantom carries a candle to illuminate the area, presumably so the viewer can see him.

When we meet the Phantom again, we see he takes on the shape of a dark deep one. This is revealed through many more candles illuminating the room.


The Phantom communicates in a faded whisper, projecting his voice into the persons head. He makes exaggerated movements in a small space, wrapping a hand around a candle to temporarily conceal himself. He is shown to be a part of a person dream.

The person named "Christine" awakes to find a man, another survivor comfort her after her nightmares. The man explains that the nightmares she's been having are repetitious and were brought about after these survivors burned down a facility in which he claims "We never saw Clemmons escape".

It is unknown who the Phantom is. The Phantom does not speak to us again.



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