The Seer

The Seer speaking with the viewer

The Seer is Professor Clemmons in a post-apocalyptic world where after Margaret dies on an expedition to the Himalayas he's driven mad and institutionalized.

He frequently warns the viewer in a serious manner about the third brother trying to flame out two beacons to open the gate of the old ones. It is unknown who the third brother is.


The Seer appears as a man in a turtleneck and a white cloth wrapped around his eyes. He carries a cutting mat and wears a wedding ring.


The Seer appears to struggle a great deal with who he is at any given moment. Tormented by the death of his wife, he was driven mad. How the viewer sees him currently shows him channeling 3 individuals or things: William E. Clemmons, Margaret, Unknown Voice.

The person in control much of the time is Clemmons. Sometimes Margaret interrupts and adds 'her thoughts', where Clemmons responds and continues with what he was saying. At one point he begins to speak of the old ones and is interrupted by a strange voice and begins to speak in tongues. He struggles to continue against great resistance from the voice. After moving on the resistance disappears.

Clemmons appears to have gone mad as a result of his wifes death. He is either psychotic or has multiple personalities. It is unclear the nature of his condition.

Filmography Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The debut video was part a 4-part collaboration with multiple ASMR artists, where Ephemeral Rift contributed part 2.

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