The Tingle Brothers

The Tingle Brothers are a foul mouthed duo with a gangsta' attitude. They aim to "tingle the fuck out of your ASMR and straight up murder your anxiety, insomnia and stress".


The brother on the left wears a leather jacket with a hood as well as sun glasses and a glove on his left hand. On his right arm is his other brother which has a hand puppet like appearance and seems to be made out of a plastic bag and other types of material.


The brothers often use profane language.



  • There is a taxidermied fox in the background of the video
  • In the end of the video, Tingle Brother Right seems to have strangled the other Brother who is most likely not from another mother. He then proceeds to do an execution-style chop on his now former brother.Why he did this is unknown.
  • As a parody to Sesame Street he seems to start by telling us his sponsors( as Count Dracula would) though he seems to have done so with a wack twist. C is for cunt. And 1, his middle finger. Bitch.