The Whisperer is a strange character, about which not much information is known. He seems to be the origin of Professor Clemmons' interest and experimentation in ASMR, as the Professor has stated, "The one interesting observation I have made during my first and brief study of Subject W is a strange sensation that I experienced emanating from my scalp down through my skin, along the surface of my arms, back, and legs. It seems to be some sort of 'automatic sensory response', as if the words, gestures, and oral minutiae act as a trigger for this apparent inherent response. To the layman, this would be explained away as goosebumps, but I feel there is yet an undiscovered genetic reason behind it.". The Professor has also expressed what seems to be a fear or concern about The Whisperer, stating, "Should my unavoidable death or descent into madness arrive much swifter than I anticipate, let these entries serve as a catalog of my research and a testament to the events which have transpired upon the arrival of a strange resident of Arkham known only as The Whisperer.". Other than the mention of "fungal-like growths", that have affected The Whisperer, and the fact that he is able to speak in some ancient tongue, not much information is known about him.


Originally seen wearing a mask similar to that of Margaret, except with the distinct difference of the letter W drawn on each cheek, The Whisperer later appears with an almost entirely bandaged face, and seemingly no other clothing. Professor Clemmons describes The Whisperer as having "fungal-like growths, that have disfigured his head, all except an eye and his mouth", this being the reason for his bandages.


The Whisperer's mental state seems to be very much damaged or demented, as he tends to speak in fragmented, incoherent ideas and sentences. It can be inferred that The Whisperer suffers from some form(s) of mental illness, but decoding much about his personality is a difficult task, due to his speaking in the aforementioned fragmented thoughts as well as the cryptic nature of his appearances. The Whisperer's ramblings have sometimes held a seemingly religious theme (as seen in The Whisperer of Arkham - Entry No. 1).