Frank Walker, also known as 'The Whispering Zombie' is the reanimated corpse of a middle-aged man. Despite being a zombie, The Whispering Zombie is not a cannibal. Instead he is a docile man who wishes that people knew that flesh eating zombies is merely a stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood.


The Whispering Zombie wears a leather jacket much like the Candy Man and Mordecai. His head is bald, pale green, and decaying. There is dried blood around the sides of his face.

Personality Edit

Filmography Edit


  • Even after death The Whispering Zombie is still married to his wife.
  • The Whispering Zombie keeps an effigy of Nyarlathotep, the hypothesised starter of the zombie apocalypse of which he is a part of.
  • Despite not having the same family name, Frank Walker is a direct descendent of the Clemmons.

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