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YURI PUUKI enjoying the winter.

Yuri Puuki is a man who brings "AMERIKAN ASMR!" from "AMERIKA". Yuri has a general Slavic accent and stereotypical Russian behavior/clothing, yet he is very patriotic for the USA.


Yuri is mostly seen wearing a brown or black, fluffy ushanka and a leather coat.


Yuri has a strong Russian or Slavic accent, he appears to be an entrepreneurial man who has high self esteem and is confident to sell his 'revolutionary' ideas.

He appears to dabble in philosophy; however, his studies on the subject seem to show he is somewhat dimwitted, commenting in Visiting Hours 2 that the process that makes Rice Krispies "snap, crackle and pop" is a "timeless question".



  • It is unknown if PUUKI is American or Russian, but either way he seems patriotic for the USA.
  • Yuri ends nearly every sentence with the word "America"
  • Yuri was once a resident of Arkham.
  • Yuri's real name is Sam Castle.
  • There are rumors that ASMR man and Yuri were the same person.
  • It is thought that Yuri Puuki and Charlie Baggs were best friends, perhaps even lovers.