Zed Zombuy is the proprietor of a small odds-and-ends shop called the Ashopolypse, which sells second hand weapons and various tools to aid survival in this post-apocalyptic world. Specifically, Zombuy sell weapons such as hatchets, spades, chisels, and hammers to kill the many zombies roaming the wastelands. He also carries items such as glasses, cameras, gas masks, backpacks, and many other miscellanea.

Appearance Edit

Zed Zombuy grows an unkempt goatee and wears a leather jacket. In the first video he is clean of dirt, but in his second video he is covered in it; this seems to signify that a great deal of time has passed. He can almost always be seen carrying a weapon or tool.

Personality Edit


Trivia Edit

  • At first, Zed only sold weapons and tools but as of lately he will now take two or more tools/weapons and combine them in a process he affectionately refers to as "customizing"
  • Zed among many characters has interacted with Corvus D. Clemmons. The Plague Doctor was to have his crow and skull cane customized for better protection. He refused to let Zed see his face yet ironically left his mask in Zed's Ashoplypse.
  • Zed shows symptoms of schizophrenia, but it's not confirmed if this is the case or if he just has a skittish personality.
  • Zed references alcohol often, and seems rather fond of the idea of having a "kegger" in the Ashopalypse. Ironically, he is never seen with any form of alcohol so far.
  • Zed likes to use superlatives like "finest" and "best" to describe his wares, but will be honest if something is cheaply made like in the instance of a golf club shaft.
  • Zed, like many characters in the Ephemeral Rift universe, either inadvertently or purposely drops sexual innuendos within conversations.
  • Zed will take bottle caps as a form of payment, a reference to the Fallout series.

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